Watch tradition

Watch tradition

For over a decade, Vasiliev, Klein, Usov & Litvinov has consistently adhered to the tradition – promoting a valuable lawyer to the status of a partner, the company presents him with a pocket watch. 

We value this tradition and see in it a reinvention of the well-known principle of carpe diem and a symbol of the fact that from now on the partner is entrusted with the clients’ time. Obtaining all the advantages of the partnership, the lawyer takes over responsibility as well – for caring, ethical, efficient and economical management of clients’ time. 

The firm adheres to the principle of responsible use and recycling – we do not buy new pocket watches from luxury brands, but rather carefully look for old, inexpensive items at flea markets and antique dealers. The richer their history is – the more valuable is the watch. 

We carefully restore purchased items with the help of rare watchmakers who still work with pocket watches, and then hand-engrave the company logo on the case, trying not to destroy the history, the seal of which its material always bears. 

As a result of adherence to this tradition, we got to know the culture of pocket watches, although we still make silly, but necessary mistakes, which become a legend and get entwined into personal watch history of our partners.

Among other things, we always try to track the history of the watches based on registry numbers and stamps inscribed on their case and choose silver items as silver is the most rewarding material for our engraver and his skillful handwork. Silver samples are supplied with a bear – special silver proof-stamp – and “84” sign – special stamp for Russian market which means that the particular watch had been officially brought into the Russian Empire and customs-cleared. 

In addition, we try to choose remontoir type – watches with a special winding mechanism which provides a regular impulse to the pendulum, and not a separate winding key – we had already seen episodes when our sometimes forgetful partners (excuse them!) lost miniature separate winding keys –we do not want that in the context of symbolism of this tradition such loss also mean loss of control over clients’ time.

Remontoir usually means that we are looking for watches dating back to the years of 1900-1910, therefore these items have been regularly measuring the time allotted to human beings long before our birth and we count on their reliable service to our partners and clients for many years ahead.